Zehn Jahre Zürich: Amstutz, Aubort, Boschan, Bourgeat, Da Mata, Dussoix, Eiben, Aaron Frank, Herdeg, Marcel, Mattioli, Mercier, Miller, Mosset, Paterson, Reist, Rittener, Robert-Tissot, Sister, Szarek, Thurman, Ullrich, Vautier
20 May22 July 2017




Zehn Jahre Zürich

It has already been ten years since Céline Lange and Stefano Pult opened their gallery space in Zurich’s Löwenbräu area. This anniversary calls for a celebration: a large group exhibition uniting all the artists of the gallery. The survey show concisely portrays the program of lange + pult, which concentrates on contemporary positions from Minimal Art, Radical Painting, New Pop, and Geometric Abstraction. A mission report so to speak, from an undertaking that can look back on ten successful years, but is far from finished.

With Ben Vautier, Olivier Mosset, and Christian Herdeg, three artists of a meanwhile older generation are part of the exhibition, all of them pioneers in their own field. Throughout his career, Olivier Mosset („Untitled,“ 2017) has examined the possibilities of painting, not least as one of the founding figures of Radical Painting, banning the motif from the canvas and concentrating on the elementary conditions of painting itself. Christian Herdeg („Flower,“ 2016) is the first Swiss artist to consequently work with neon and argon light. An important member of Fluxus, Ben Vautier is best known for his unmistakable „Ecritures“. In these text-paintings, he serenely addresses (art-)philosophical matters of fact. His „Fou rire“