Wolfram Ullrich: Shift
10 April29 May 2010




Wolfram Ullrich, for his second visit to gallery, presents some of his new enigmatic three-dimensional polygons.

At first glance, there is doubt. The one of a fraction of a second where we wonder if the optics are playing tricks on us. Thin works, with impalpable relief, the eye hesitates before resolving itself. Wolfram Ullrich does offer a series of wall sculptures, but his reliefs will not cease to amaze the viewer.

If their physicality is disturbing, so is their colour. The tapered, almost aerodynamic sculptures stretch along the walls. Their hybrid shapes are matched by perfectly smooth surfaces, with flash tones that immediately catch the eye. In the same space, there are blue and intense red streaks, spectacular and striking artifacts.

The colour is matched by the strict geometry of a controlled space. Indeed, Wolfram Ullrich designs and researches the design. With few resources, it disturbs the senses and challenges our perception. Its coloured bands skillfully handle perspective and its limits. Playing on oblique angles his works dialogue with space. They float unreal and respond to each other, because the horizontal lines correspond to the vertical lines, the large formats, the small ones.

Wolfram Ullrich, a plastic artist who