Thierry Feuz: Sculptures & paintings
29 October23 December 2011




The paintings of Thierry Feuz (born in 1968 in Vienna, Austria) go a long way: from abstraction to imagination, from geometrical composition to biomorph evolution. The spectator will be drawn into a kaleidoscope of artistic viewpoints on the juxtapostion of microworlds and macrovisions. After Charles and Ray Eames’ groundbreaking movie “The Powers of 10” the fascination for the boundaries of the world defined by quarks and quasars has been unbroken. Whereas the Eames brothers were working on the borderline of art and science, calling themselves designers, the paintings of Feuz continue the legacy in an approach that fuses science and art in a new way.

Feuz has a philosophy of painting that works with scientific paradigms, both in form and content. He has an individual technique that allows the artist to define the limits of his expression himself, like the scientist who can see only as far as his technology is developed. His is a universal concern, where art, science and philosophy always meet. He addresses the big questions about the reason and structure behind existence. Whereas these intellectual topics have a long religious and academic background, Feuz’s style comes with a simple, elegant touch that was unheard-of in