Art Basel Unlimited 2018
14 June17 June 2018




« Une fourmi de dix-huit mètres[…] ça n’existe pas » – Robert Desnos (engl. « An eighteen-metre ant […] doesn’t exist »)


Olivier Mosset, born in 1944 in Bern, once a member of the famous BMPT group with Daniel Buren, Niele Toroni and Michel Parmentier, who sought to democratize art through radical procedures of deskilling, implying that the art object was more important than its authorship, is nowadays widely recognized for his conducting of research into the future of painting through geometrical abstraction and monochromes. Living between two continents since 1977, Mosset remains one of the few artists in Europe that is involved in the French, Swiss and American artistic and critical contexts.

Dating from 2008, the extremely large format acrylic canvas Untitled (blue / purple / blue), measuring 197 x 1773 cm and consisting of a group of three panels, each 2 x 6 meters and covered with blue and purple colour, does not represent a break with his early work, but should be regarded as a re-start, a re-presentation or even a re-production that continues his quest for blurring the margins of art.

When we asked Olivier Mosset about the story behind this large format canvas he answered: