Donato Amstutz: Paranoïa
9 March5 May 2018




The galerie lange + pult is pleased to present the works of Donato Amstutz (*1969), a Swiss artist who lives and works in Paris and Lucerne, exhibited for the first time in Auvernier. An exhibition that transports us to discover his polymorphic works from different periods of the artist’s life and invites us to glimpse the full scope of his artistic reflection.

The trivial images, without quality, immediately consumed, ingested (faces of flesh, men or women exhaling in sleep, ecstasy or agony), that their infinite reproducibility as much as the daily flow, héraclitéen, of ever new images that do not stop soliciting us, promise to reject, to forget, these fragments of bodies (faces with closed eyes; skulls – under any face – exorbitant –; feet that the frontal close-up comes to visageify), these cut pieces all found lying, ready to be exhumed, in newspapers, magazines, pornographic magazines, where the artist likes to draw; such is the gesture – strongly simple and voluntarily impersonal : to do it all over again, without any concern for narrative and expressiveness – to which the artist lends himself in this black work.

So redo, re-produce the detail of a simple newspaper cut, a