Christian Herdeg: Neon Delight
21 November 201925 January 2020




The works of Christian Herdeg oscillate between function and impression, making the optical and physical properties of light sensually tangible with large-format colored light fields and geometric forms.

Christian Herdeg is a pioneer of light art – for more than forty years he has dealt with the different properties of light and harmonizes the medium’s affinity for minimalism with a unique color poetry. In search of a new aesthetic, Herdeg stages light and color in all its facets, parallels and contrasts. In doing so, Herdeg works with the natural property of light to expand, skillfully contrasts, yes, shapes the light itself, locks it in, opening up new freedom for it.

Herdeg makes impressive use of its formative power and its painterly qualities in the prominently placed “Lichtarbe I” and “Lichtgarbe II” of argon and neon tubes. The light tubes bundled like stalks amaze with their irregular arrangement, which seems to slightly break out of Herdeg’s sober formal vocabulary. However, if attention is turned to the diffuse atmospheric effect when the light hits the wall, the creative aspect of Herdeg’s work becomes visible, creating a painterly color gradient on the wall surface.

Herdeg impressively combines neon and black light tubes