Marta Margnetti
18 October16 November 2019




galerie lange + pult is pleased to present a new young position in Zurich: Marta Margnetti (*1989).

The Swiss artist Marta Margnetti develops her artistic practice at the intersection between applied art, design and craftsmanship. In her artistic process she uses appropriation, sculpture, printing techniques and performance. Her works often have a multifaceted relationship with the surrounding architecture and enter into a dialogue with it. The modular formal language of her works recall minimalism, while the traces of Margnetti’s craftsmanship as small arbitrary mistakes enter into a common field of tension with geometric perfection.

“Basics” is an ongoing series of sculptures made out of iron. The engravings and accidental scratches as well as the halos left by the welding are accentuated by the application of a thin layer of coal powder. On the top of the works one can find imperceptible or hidden etchings by the artist.

“Ecken”, a work consisting of eight wooden angles, reflects the movement of minimalism. The artist accentuates the movements failed attempt to avoid the ornamental by transforming the diagonal strut, which originally served as a functional element of stability, into a purely decorative element and thereby robbing it of all functionality.

The ceramic