Olivier Mosset
30 August12 October 2019




galerie lange + pult is pleased to start the new season with a solo exhibition of Olivier Mosset (*1944), who is represented by the gallery since 1999.

As a representative of abstract painting, which attempts to reduce itself to its essence, since the early 1960s Mosset has been questioning the institutional structures of the art world as well as notions of authorship, originality and individuality through artistic appropriation and deconstructivist methods. Once a member of the famous BMPT group with Daniel Buren, Michel Parmentier and Niele Toroni, who sought to democratize art through radical procedures of deskilling, implying that the art object was more important than its authorship, he is nowadays widely recognized for his conducting of research into the future of painting through geometrical abstraction and monochromes. Living between two continents since 1977, Mosset remains one of the few artists in Europe that is involved in the French, Swiss and American artistic and critical contexts.

Within the exhibition galerie lange + pult shows 122 x 122 cm monochromes that are significant for Mosset’s œuvre. As squares are of great importance for Mosset, the monochromes question the historically proven place of the motif on the canvas. As a result