Jacob Kassay
6 February28 March 2020




galerie lange + pult is pleased to present you the first solo exhibition in our Zurich gallery space by the American artist Jacob Kassay.

Jacob Kassay’s practice deals with experimental and conceptual manufacturing methods. His work is situated between painting, sculpture, drawing and interactive installation and is at the same time a reaction to the space. The arrangement of an exhibition and the interaction of his pieces with the surrounding architecture – and ultimately their audience – is the key to understanding the essence of his work. Kassay’s pictures combine and form several dialogues: with each other, with the space around them and with the viewer.

It is perhaps safest to say that Jacob Kassay is a contemporary artist, although he has been described as a “neo-minimalist” and “post-conceptual” artist. Its output spans a wide range of media, including films, books, drawings, sculptures and installations. However, he is probably best known as a painter. His early paintings consisted of canvases that were industrially coated with a silver electroplating material and lay unevenly over the rough surface. Imagine a mirror printed on canvas instead of smooth glass, showing a soft, hidden reflection that eludes clear focus or documentation. Many of