The Crowning Show
13 May21 August 2020




In the case of the current corona crisis it’s time to reorientate, productively move forward and keep the art scene active! For that, we were pleased to present you our first online only exhibition «The Crowning Show». Even if the exhibition was physically installed in our gallery space in Zurich, we were trying to unveil a new way to experience art online and make it available digitally, so you could enjoy the artworks from a safe distance. Due to the change of regulations we are happy to have our gallery spaces open again. We will still steadily publish information about our exhibited artists and artworks over our social media platforms, including analysis, interviews and articles, giving you an insight in the artists practise and influences. To let you have little break from the ongoing reality, the exhibitions in Zurich and Auvernier will show you different positions in conceptual art, minimal art and three-dimensional abstraction, far off from the outside reality, concentrating on form and medium. We will show a comprehensive selection of works of art characterized by order, simplicity and harmony by our gallery artists, including: Ben Vautier, Wolfram Ullrich, Philippe Decrauzat, Mathieu Mercier, Olivier Mosset, John Aaron Frank,