Alfredo Aceto: My Italian is a Little Rusty
12 February20 March 2021





12 february – 20 march 2021


20 march 2020


My italian is a Little Rusty: on the work of Alfredo Aceto

The following fabulation was written to accompany the work of Alfredo Aceto ―the storylines it interlaces, the creatures and characters it evokes―and its organic, mythopoetic, and narrative unraveling.

Back in the days, in a world still inhabited by chimaeras and dragons, a chthonic creature made of fire and water was said to be rampaging across the countryside of Normandy. Their [1]name was Gargouille and they resided on their own, in the vast swamplands extending across the Seine river’s left bank. Despite their withdrawn life and usual discretion, being omnivorous in their feeding habits they occasionally roamed the valley in search of food and happened to devour cattle and people on their way. At times, the meals resulted indigestible and Gargouille suffered from terrible heartburns. Their aerodigestive function was then disturbed by a peculiar form of rumination syndrome, a chronic regurgitation that had them breathing fire from their mouth. This physiological disorder resulted in farms and warehouses being burnt down, and entire fields and crops being reduced to ashes. The other inhabitants of the valley deemed