Justin Adian, Greg Bogin, Philippe Decrauzat, Olivier Mosset, Vincent Szarek, Blair Thurman: Shaped
12 November 202214 January 2023




galerie lange + pult is pleased to present its new exhibiton “Shaped“ with Justin Adian, Greg Bogin,Philippe Decrauzat, Olivier Mosset, Vincent Szarek and Blair Thurman.

In the early 1960s, the shaped canvas emerged as a new form of abstract painting, reflecting a desire for progress and innovation. The shaped canvas is often described as a combination of painting and sculpture, and its appearance is the result of fundamental questions about abstract painting while reflecting the artists’ desire to immerse the work in real space. In this new exhibition “Shaped” we present works that range from the two-dimensional format to approaches that break away from flatness altogether. All works take a non-rectangular approach to painting that celebrates the tensions in perception between internal structure and limiting form, between painterly and three-dimensional aspects, and between the literal and the