Art Brussels
20 April23 April 2023




Christian Herdeg’s works oscillate between function and impression, using large-format coloured light fields and geometric basic forms to make the optical and physical properties of light a sensual experience.

Christian Herdeg is one of the pioneers of light art in Europe– for more than fifty years he has been dealing with the different properties of light and brings the affinity for minimalism anchored in the medium into harmony with a unique colour poetry. In search of a new aesthetic, Herdeg stages light and colour in all their facets, parallels and contrasts. Herdeg skilfully counteracts the natural property of light to spread out, yes, he designs the light itself, locks it up and thus opens up new spaces for it.

The play with opposites and contradictions makes Christian Herdeg’s works striking and beguiling: When light can be experienced spatially, geometric reduction meets coloured poetry and materiality meets immateriality.

Herdeg makes impressive use of its formative power and its painterly qualities in the prominently placed “Spaghettini” of argon and neon tubes. The light tubes bundled like stalks amaze with their irregular arrangement, which seems to slightly break out of Herdeg’s sober formal vocabulary.