Beat Zoderer: Tektur
27 October23 December 2023





thursday 26 october, from 6pm


27 october – 23 december 2023


galerie lange + pult is delighted to announce the representation of Beat Zoderer. We look forward to his first exhibition at our Zurich location which opens on Thursday 26 October, from 6pm.

Beat Zoderer, born in 1955 in Zürich, Switzerland, lives and works in Wettingen, Switzerland and Genova, Italy. Zoderer predominantly uses everyday materials as a basis for his work and sources his materials from general hardware stores. Rather than altering them, he makes use of these materials within what at first appears to be methodical structures based on repetition or mathematical systems. However, this is a deception, as each piece allows for an arbitrary element. The complexity of each piece consciously allows for imperfections and mistakes. This self-contradicting and ambiguous quality of the works gives them the playfulness that probably best characterizes the artist and his work.