Olivier Mosset
14 September28 October 2023




Olivier Mosset (b. 1944, Bern) has traveled between Paris, New York, Neuchâtel and Tucson, where he now lives. Associated with the reductionist program of BMPT, the monochrome of “radical painting” and the neo-geo movement of appropriationism, Mosset’s practice never ceases to question its own means of existence.

Olivier Mosset is one of the central figures of post-war abstract painting, and an essential point of reference for several generations of European and American painters. In search of formal rigor and the fundamental roots of painting, Olivier Mosset’s work is direct and obvious, suppressing figuration, subjectivity, symbol and metaphor. With the same analytical rigor as his early work, Mosset’s most recent works explore the fields of monochromatic and geometric