Thierry Feuz: Outremer
3 November9 December 2023




Thierry Feuz was born in Vienna in 1968. He lives and works in Geneva. Originally from the Canton of Neuchâtel, he is one of lange + pult’s longest-standing collaboration.

In his fantastical landscapes, Feuz plays with the contrast between the abstract and the figurative. He believes that when the two are combined, a free interpretation of the subject depicted becomes possible. Feuz uses bold, captivating colors in well-balanced compositions. In his creations, there is no traditional perspective; this is replaced by the blurring or sharpness of certain elements. Thierry Feuz’s creations are not simply canvases, but veritable invitations to escape. Through his galaxies and flowery nanoworlds, the painter opens the doors to a colorful biomorphic