Till Rabus: chemins de traverse
2 September21 October 2023




Rabus’ oeuvre features a diverse range of subjects, from playful arrangements of everyday objects, nature-arrangements to compositions that delve into the relationship between reality and imagination. His attention to detail and technique are evident in every stroke of his brush, capturing a sense of realism that often blurs the line between the tangible and the surreal.

In the series “Dripping on the Snow,” the impulsive brushstrokes evoke abstract expressionism. Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s brushwork, they serve as an expression of emotions, with colors and shapes swirling across the canvas. This concept is realized here in the context of a segment from a snowy landscape painting within the series “Dripping on the Snow”. Landscapes and natural elements are extended in the series “Portrait”, “Congeler”, and “Diorama”.

Rabus assembles forms, constructs order, and draws meaning from the formless and the anonymous. His method involves composing, crafting details, and then encapsulating them in a photograph. This photograph is transformed into a painting. His pieces playfully disrupt conventional narratives, inviting viewers to question their perceptions and consider new perspectives. Through his artworks, Rabus invites to confront the dichotomy between reality and fantasy.

Rabus weaves references, paying homage to artists like Giuseppe Arcimboldo while navigating the currents of Surrealism and post-modernity. “chemins de traverse” is an exploration of