Christian Herdeg: New Works
18 January2 March 2024




We are pleased to present the works of Christian Herdeg in his third solo exhibition at the galerie lange + pult in Zurich. The exhibition will take place from January 18 to March 2, 2024. As the exhibition title “new works” suggests, a selection of new pieces will be shown.

Herdeg is a pioneer in contemporary light art. His fascination with the optical and physical properties of light began over five decades ago. His exploration of the states of light in relation to various materials and surfaces is reflected in his works. The 1970s were marked by Herdeg’s experiments with neon light. In recent decades, there has been a development towards wall-spanning installations made of plexiglass and argon tubes, as seen in “Black Light Organism”, as well as monumental sculptures in public spaces. Geometric shapes such as circles, squares, and lines have become Herdeg’s characteristic expression.

His style manifests itself in a geometric language. In both “Pink Axis II” and “Black Horizon”, Herdeg combines argon black light tubes with fluorescent color surfaces in an impactful way. Minimalism and the effect of a single light source create a seemingly infinite, virtual dimension. At the core of Herdeg’s artistic work is