Delphine Reist: Bichos
16 May29 June 2024




We are delighted to present the exhibition “Bichos“ by Delphine Reist.

“While observing the places in which she worked as an artist, Delphine Reist began to develop an interest in the material reality of work. In her art, the objects and tools used for storage and production seem to have their own agency. Here, the bodies of the workers are the great absentees, evoked only by the fishing boots that stand alone, an empty helmet, and the buckets tipped over by arms that are now invisible. The non-productive times also hold her attention, with the gestures they elicit (getting up to leave her workstation, smoking, stirring her coffee to melt the sugar). Cigarettes smoke alternately on the edge of a piece of furniture. Delicately placed on a stool, cups contain comforting liquids. The spoons dipped in the beverages turn endlessly, like an endless pause, the broken record of labour.“ Extract; Jill Gasparina.