Jan Albers: dAmndAwn
8 June17 August 2024




We are delighted to present the new exhibition “dAmndAwn“ by Jan Albers, marking his first solo exhibition with the gallery in Switzerland.

Jan Albers (b. 1971) is a German artist whose works defy easy categorization. His work oscillates between sculpture and painting. He combines various materials and techniques to create complex, three-dimensional compositions. Albers’ works are characterized by their strong physical presence and the fusion of abstract forms with vibrant colors. He often uses materials such as metal, wood, and plastic, which he deconstructs into dynamic structures by breaking, pressing, and perforating them. The entire work is a permanent construction site, between destruction and repair.

These works move between the realms of human experience, balancing between organic and manual forms. Ultimately, they are artificially created, yet imbued with organic shapes. The play of light in Albers’ spatial, abstract reliefs often evokes natural phenomena such as sunrises or sunsets, as suggested by the exhibition title “dAmndAwn.” This connection can also draw parallels to human ways of life, with individual works ranging from raw concrete housing blocks to shimmering skyscrapers. Albers’ creations embody a duality from brutality and chaos to vulnerability and order. They represent ambivalent states from aggressive to calm