Slow Days, Fast Company
11 July31 August 2024




We are delighted to announce the exhibition “Slow Days, Fast Company” with Alfredo Aceto, Jan Albers, Martin Bonnaz, Philippe Decrauzat, Natacha Donzé, Henrik Eiben, Sylvie Fleury, Lou Masduraud, Mathieu Mercier, Gerold Miller, Gina Proenza, Till Rabus and Delphine Reist. Join us for the opening reception on July 10, from 6 pm

Imagine a peaceful little town, nestled between rolling green hills, where the days stretch lazily by. The locals all know each other, and routines are unhurried. The days seem to glide by, carried by a gentle, constant breeze, like a tranquil river.

It was a peaceful summer’s day, one of those days when time seems to stretch gently, like a lazy cat stretching out under the sun. The morning had begun with a gentle breeze rustling the light curtains of the kitchen, letting in the floral fragrances of the garden. The coffee had been prepared with care, its aroma filling the house, while the birds sang their morning melody.

“Slow Days, Fast Company” explores the dynamic between the apparent stretching of time during long summer days and the speed with which human connections multiply and dissolve. By examining this contrast, it offers a reflection on our perception of