Alan Belcher: "on view"
5 April18 May 2019




In his first solo exhibition in our new gallery space, the Canadian artist, Alan Belcher, shows works that precisely demonstrate his complex, conceptual practice. Known for a tactile fusion of photography and object art, Belcher’s serial productions continue to be characterized today by a transparency of vision and simplicity of production with a concentrated consideration of materials. His sense of humour and reverence for a pop sensibility shines through in his works.

The works of the “Oil on Canvas” series at the beginning of the exhibition present themselves as symbolic vehicles that, thanks to the artist’s ingenious technique, become art objects rather than expressive or narrative paintings. Belcher arbitrarily cuts canvas tarpaulins and sews them together in a Poveric manner with hints of Boro style repairs to mount them on a stretcher. While painting them with crude black oil from a paint tube, the artist uses abstract pump-jack oil derrick motifs to create a discourse charged with metaphors. Thus, allegories of capitalism can be seen in the series, but further consideration also reveals analogies to determination, drive, patience, willingness to take risks, investment, ambition, discovery, despair, good fortune, untapped territory —analogies that are immortalized further with examination of the