Blair Thurman / Justin Adian
1 June21 July 2018




Galerie lange + pult is pleased to present the exhibition of Justin Adian and Blair Thurman in Zurich.

The two American artists, who share a close friendship, have created a series of new works in which motifs from American culture are transformed into a new iconography through an unmistakable language.

The starting point of the exhibition is “Fosse bear”, a work which they have created together and which helps us better understand their relationship while uniting their creative processes. Starting from influences of the art pioneers of the 20th century such as Carl André, Frank Stella, Dan Flavin or Robert Morris as well as representatives of Pop and Op Art, the luminous relief with inclusion of personal and historical associations renews abstract geometric art. Through a sophisticated play with various industrial materials, the two artists question the creation of the pictorial background, while transforming the banal motif of the well-known American neon signage into extremely reduced pictorial elements that are morphing into a real sculpture.

As we take a closer look at the other works of Justin Adian, we’ll see that the unusual constructions in vivid colour palettes allow the boundaries between painting and sculpture to oscillate completely through