Delphine Reist / Matthew Feyld
24 November 201727 January 2018




The galerie lange + pult is pleased to present the two exhibitions of Delphine Reist (*1970) and Matthew Feyld (*1985) in Zurich.

In her third solo exhibition, the Swiss artist Delphine Reist leads us through a parcours of her entire body of thought on the basis of polymorphic works from various creative periods. The artist has long been concerned with the consequences of globalization and creates in her exhibition spaces an image of an almost post-apocalyptic world in which the machine has won the battle against man. As if by magic, the machines of Etagère (2007) switch themselves on and off on their own, dancing in front of them in different rhythms. A feeling of powerlessness arises, horrified by the distorted mirror image of our reality of life, in which one, separated by the plexiglass, has not the slightest chance of competing against the machines. Overshadowed by an involuntary standstill, one can neither stop nor accelerate the automated rhythms and only watch nothing good as one’s own inventions leave us inactive.

The Video Pavilion (2011) also criticises the ideology of our working world today: when flags in the style of Chinese shadow theatre imitate manual flag swinging in slow