FIAC Hors les murs: Lilian Bourgeat - Double banc
21 October10 November 2021




We are pleased to announce our participation to FIAC Hors les murs 2021. Discover Lilian Bourgeat’s work “Double banc” in the Jardin des Tuileries.

Lilian Bourgeat was born in 1970 in Saint-Claude, France. He lives and works in Dijon. Enlarged by 2.5 times the original, integrated into the public space, this double public bench provokes an interaction between the object, the landscape, and the spectator. The latter can become an actor by sitting on the bench and thus assuming the functionality of the object. By this effort, he experiences a sensation of grandeur, of repositioning, of scaling the world around him. All the senses are activated, the landscape is poetized. The chosen scale of enlargement gives the bench the ability to blend into the urban