Gerold Miller
24 October19 December 2020





24 october – 19 december 2020


The basic structure of the „Total Object“ is the square, which is rounded at the corners. and is taken up again in the the object in the form of a recess or as a slightly lighter colored circle. The recess is not only central in the literal sense, but also insofar as it allows a view of the wall, which as a result does not simply encompass the object but is itself framed by the work. The play with framing and being framed, but also with plasticity and surface, is expanded to include an additional level when Miller simulates a cast shadow by applying a narrower stripe to the colored surface. Without the recess the work deals with questions of imagery in the border area of sculpture, delimited wall surface and sculpturally-figuratively defined architecture. The object can be viewed as a three-dimensional image, which can be viewed as a painting and a sculpture. By showing a certain depth, as well as by the strong coloring of the lacquered surface, the contour of the work is emphasized whereby it stands out plastically from the background. At the same time, the smooth surface