Gerold Miller
20 October21 December 2018




The galerie lange + pult is pleased to present Gerold Miller’s fifth solo exhibition in Zurich.

Once again, Gerold Miller deals with questions of pictoriality at the border between sculpture and pictorially defined architecture. His objects can be read as pictures, but it is equally legitimate to regard them as sculptures. The precise, angular aluminium objects appear elegant and their industrial aesthetics are reminiscent of Minimal Art works.

The impressive “section” work at the beginning of the exhibition as well as the latest “sets” oscillate between abstraction and reality, content and non-content, image and object. Their frontal orientation corresponds to the superficial aesthetic tendencies of our visual culture. Random impressions are reflected in their perfectly lacquered, monochrome surfaces, creating a connection between the work and the surrounding architecture: The emptiness of the monochrome becomes the protagonist, representing everything and nothing, while the interplay of matt and glossy lacquer and contrasting colours creates a virtual space behind the image.

In addition, the three “Verstärker” – Miller’s first series of free-standing, non-wall-related sculptures – bring with them the minimal basic concepts of three-dimensionality: height, length, and depth as an open structure. The “amplifiers” thus literally represent a fundamentally recurring theme in