John Aaron Frank: Every now and then
23 January7 March 2015





The title of the show is in itself a double entendre. Wether it means now and then or absolutely EVERY now and then is up for debate. An absolute term in a phrase meant to mean inabsoluteness establishes at least a minor internal epistemological debate. 

I have been thinking about different forms of abstraction. I’ve been trying to push my work further, and in doing so it has taken things in two different directions. I work in pairs, so its fitting that this work forms a dichotomy of abstraction. There is a formal abstraction and a verbal abstraction. There’s physical objects, and there’s abstract concepts. Still between these disparate concepts there we exist, and there are many connections between the two. 

To me there is this linguistic abstraction that happens when you take a word or phrase out of context. You strip it of meaning in absence of its context. Words are like Oxygen, they want to be paired with other elements. They oxidize your thoughts and if given a chance will become a part of your physicality as they relay past experiences. 

Sometimes things are elusive. Reality sometimes is in the shadows, and we