Lilian Bourgeat
21 June31 August 2019




Galerie lange + pult is pleased to present the solo exhibition of new sculptures by the French artist Lilian Bourgeat.

Lilian Bourgeat’s work, as it began during the nineties, is characterised by a constant search for and over use of games and jokes. The artist squeezes an ever caustic humor into the colourful and seductive universe created by his « hyperrealistic » oversized objects. His sculptures are conceived as real traps, they attract us with their playful aspect and instantly lure and confuse us. The scale of these objects keep them on the threshold between the probability of using them and excessiveness. Even if they reveal an unseen formal quality through the whole process of their transformation, what is at the heart of Lilian Bourgeat’s work are the deceiving situations implied by the use, be it real or potential, of these oversized objects.

The works of Lilian Bourgeat deprive objects of everyday life of their original context through scale enlargement and perfect reproduction – they interfere with the self-image of utility. As blow-ups alienated, they subtly allude to the ambivalence between exclusive monumentality and cheap mass-produced goods.

Sometimes pure enlargement is enough to transform the real into a caricature: