Mathieu Mercier: DiagraMM
1 September13 October 2018




The galerie lange + pult is pleased to present the exhibition “DiagraMM” by Mathieu Mercier in Zurich.

In his fourth solo exhibition, the French artist takes the tensions between architecture, design, constructivism, readymade and pop culture once again to the extreme and reflects the traditions of art history with his heterogeneous oeuvre. He repeatedly draws on artistic achievements of avant-garde pioneers such as Marcel Duchamp and subtly links them with contemporary cultural phenomena and themes. Between art and everyday life, imagination and reality, figuration and abstraction, his latest works play with various associations of objects, ideas and references to offer a personal and playful understanding of his world.

The exhibition is set against the hinge of scientific approaches by including mental processes and connected with the history of signs, allegories, symbols and logotypical forms. “DiagraMM” summarizes, like a schematic-graphic representation, the essential characteristics of the represented objects, whereby the visitor is enticed to clarify their context and to encode the works.

Upon entering the exhibition, the visitor encounters a white pedestal on which a burning candle and a colour circle of Bauhaus teacher Johannes Itten are enthroned, and is in direct confrontation with the banality of two stereotypical objects,