Olivier Mosset / Karin Sander: White paintings / mailed paintings
29 August25 October 2015




(Almost) white and (mostly) monochrome

Galerie Lange + Pult is pleased to present an exhibition with groups of work by two eminent conceptual painters, Karin Sander and Olivier Mosset. In their practice, Sander and Mosset adopt radically different approaches in the production of art, examining and subverting notions of authorship and originality which have long been central to the understanding of contemporary art.

For her Mailed Paintings, Karin Sander largely keeps out of the creation of her own work. Variously shaped canvases are stretched and primed, but from there, the work is literally put into somebody else’s hands: a courier service is ordered to pick up the unwrapped pieces for delivery to an exhibition venue (or successive stations of a traveling show). Back or front? It is now up to the courier where he wants to attach the transport documents and whether he uses any adhesive tape for the cargo. Also, the canvas soon loses its pristine surface. From the markings of fingers and hands and from other traces of handling an individual painting develops instead. The result is often surprising and always engaging, be it a minimalist arrangement of bold stripes in day-glo, or a painterly composition of