Wolfram Ullrich
9 February17 March 2018




The galerie lange + pult is pleased to present the third solo exhibition by Wolfram Ullrich (*1961) in the Zurich gallery.

Known for his ingenious steel constructions, which turn the viewer’s viewing habits upside down through optical illusions, the latest monochrome works by the German artist in colourful arrangements once again reveal themselves in their three-dimensional execution as a testimony to the playful ambivalence between image and object, between surface binding and plastic autonomy. Influenced by the formal vocabulary of geometric-abstract art, whose origins can in turn be traced back to classical constructivism, the search is always for a new pictorial world that is its own subject and its own meaning, expressed as pure color, pure form. Thus, in the German artist’s work, abstract, hidden backgrounds and interlocked interiors, which unite surface and object in front of the wall to form a coherent organism. The linear system, which picks up and continues the coordinates of the space, suddenly grows into new dimensions.

In the first room of the exhibition, the viewer is struck by differently monochrome polygons as well as yellow and red ellipses floating in space, whereby one first believes that one is confronted with abstract images –