Henrik Eiben



Henrik Eiben’s work is characterized by geometry and the comparison of various material. He seems to be a smart successor of minimalism with his clear and sober form language. But at the second look it becomes obvious that Eiben is not following definite rules that are well known for minimalistic art. The artist questions the form of minimal art by using simple and gentle effects of light to add versatile calmness. His art appears to be full of willfull contradictions. Despite clarity and severity in his works, Henrik Eiben provokes a permanent interaction between his pieces and the observer.

Through his always moving and exploring attitude he seeks to break distinct terms of sculpture and painting and seeks to create something new. By describing his sculptures with qualities of a painting and vice versa he points out a implicit stance in his work. By using a wide range of material and simple shapes and forms Henrik Eiben questions whether it is possible to switch between the two genres of sculpture and painting to find the perfect balance. This simplicity is further enlighted through the conjunction with colors. The difference in color and material comes to the full effect in



Born 1975 in Tokyo, Japan
Lives and works in Hamburg, Germany


Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste (with Silvia Bächli), Karlsruhe, Germany
Academy of Visual Arts and Design, Enschede, The Netherlands
Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA

Selected Solo Shows

“Henrik Eiben: Leap Before You Look “, Bartha Contemporary, London, UK
"My selected little alphabet", Pablo’s Birthday, New York, USA
"Penumbral", Galerie Christian Lethert, Cologne, Germany
“Syo-ro”, Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin, Germany
"Mercury Climb", galerie lange + pult, Zürich, Switzerland
"The smile at the food of the ladder", Galerie Nikolaus Ruzicska, Salzburg, Austria
"Boo'd up", Galerie Christian Lethert, Cologne, Germany
"Daybreaker", Pablo's Birthday, New York City, NY, United States
"Spellbound", Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin, Germany
"Henrik Eiben“, galerie lange + pult, Auvernier, Switzerland
"Henrik Eiben - Off Site", Kunstraum Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany
"A mon seul desir", Galerie Kim Behm, Frankfurt, Germany
"New Watercolors", Galerie Nikolaus Ruzicska, Salzburg, Austria
"Cornucopia", Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin, Germany
"In movement", galerie lange + pult, Zurich, Switzerland
"You'd better run", Pablo’s Birthday, New York, USA
"running on sunshine", Galerie Christian Lethert, Cologne, Germany
"Lush Life", Galerie Ruzicska, Salzburg, Austria
"Condo", Bartha Contemporary, London, United Kingdom
"Double Trouble", Neuer Giessener Kunstverein, Giessen, Germany
"la grande ombra", Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin, Germany
"Bliss Bucket", Galerie Kim Behm, Frankfurt, Germany