Vincent Szarek



The work of Vincent Szarek unites minimalist art with American pop culture.

During his studies he worked in a body shop, which made him well familiar with the world of automobiles, their construction materials and the production techniques. The skills he thereby acquired have since then been applied to his artistic creativity. He uses glass fibre, aluminium, chrome, urethane and varnish as materials in his works.

By analyzing the phenomenon of the individualisation of mass production, he deals with the daily life subject as an apparently trivial manner. He transforms simple things such as well-known design logos or symbols to artworks and puts them into a complete new dimension. Vincent Szarek enjoys the idea of giving an individual touch to a well-known motif, thereby creating something new.

His work is embedded in the visual vocabulary of the automobile. Well aware of the double significance as a symbol either for creative technical innovation and for movement itself, he manages to take both meanings into account. While Vincent Szarek focuses on motion with his sculptures, his three-dimensional paintings relate to the lasting motion of the here and



Born 1973 in Rhode Island, USA
Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA


BFA Rhode Island School of Design, USA

Selected Solo Shows

"The hollow earth theory", galerie lange + pult, Zurich, Switzerland
"Coca Cola Cowboy", Galerie Nikolaus Ruzicska, Salzburg, Austria
"Like a Rock", Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
"wilder shores", Galerie Clemens Gunzer, Zurich, Switzerland
"Vincent Szarek", Galerie Nikolaus Ruzicska, Salzburg, Austria
"Divine Felony", V1 Copenhagen, Denmark
"Olivier Mosset & Vincent Szarek", Galerie Nikolaus Ruzicska, Salzburg, Austria
"Hi-Fi Chassis", Leo Koenig Projekte, New York, USA
"Vincent Szarek", The Essential Collection, Zurich, Switzerland