Philippe Decrauzat: Blind Paintings
10 February25 March 2023




Vision and its effects are always inseparable from the possibilities of an observing subject who is both the historical product and the site of certain practices, techniques, institutions, and procedures of subjectification.

– Jonathan Crary

In Techniques of the Observer: Vision and Modernity in the Nineteenth Century (1990), Crary argues that vision is not limited to what the human eye perceives of the external world, and no one can claim to see the world in transparent clarity. Our ways of seeing are continuously (re)produced from conventions or devices that, in a given time or situation, favor the emergence of certain faculties of observation at the expense of others. Philippe Decrauzat’s work is crossed by this desire to explore the unstable territory of vision. Each exhibition constitutes a program that invites us to observe the relationships, tensions and impulses that are established between the visible and the invisible.

With Blind Paintings, he presents a series of new paintings that open a new chapter in his meticulous investigation. All the paintings are composed of vertical strips of gradations, from white to black, juxtaposed to each other, with blurred effects and sharp transitions.