Thomas Wachholz: Soft Painting
20 October21 December 2018




The galerie lange + pult is pleased to present Thomas Wachholz’s first solo exhibition in Zurich.

With his latest alcohol works, the German artist radically explores the dimensions of everyday materials, processes and techniques, thus throwing light back onto the perception of our design spaces of the everyday.

Under the title “Soft painting” Wachholz covers the gallery walls with a series of large-format digital paintings in a monochrome CMYK spectrum, which he alchemistically processes layer by layer with alcohol. This very slow process dissolves the printed surface and drives the picture in soft color transitions to indefinite, immaterial reasons.

The generative works appear very simple at first, but of course the action and what it leaves behind is much more complex and more than the sum of its parts: the industrially produced seemingly perfect surface meets a human hand, which evokes a chemical reaction through a meditative removal of the paint. Despite their serial effect, their traces on the image carrier result in divergent canvases that reveal that they were nevertheless executed by a human body.

The materiality of the printing ink and the process of printing, on the other hand, cannot be separated from their everyday significance of