Delphine Reist



In her context-related installations and videos, Delphine Reist reflects on the modern, engineered environment between function and dysfunction, humanity and paranoia. She addresses the failure of social ideas and desires, creating the image of a parallel world hidden in the abysses of this failure.

Another theme of Delphine Reist is the relationship between surveillance, control and their opposites freedom and anarchy. For her presentation she draws on forms of Pop and Minimal Art and uses a cool, sober language that turns the symbols of power, technical progress and social prosperity into absurdity.

Office chairs seem to circle aimlessly through the room by themselves. In the assembly hall of an abandoned factory, lights go on and off as if by magic. Delphine Reist’s works lead a life of their own that eludes the control and functional constraints of our time. In doing so, the artist reveals how progress and the technologicalization of the environment have released forces from people that have developed a momentum of their own that can no longer be stopped. Her installations therefore create a subversive, reflective image of a world created by man for man that is in the process of emancipating itself from



Born 1970 in Sion, Switzerland
Lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland

Selected Solo Shows

"Bichos", Delphine Reist, galerie lange + pult, Geneva, Switzerland
“Douches“, Palais Galerie, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Delphine Reist, Rolex Learning Center, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (upcoming)
"Delphine Reist: ÖL [oil, olio, huile]", Museum Tinguely, Basel, Switzerland
"Vrac Multivrac", FRAC Grand Large, Dunkerque, France
"Smoking room and boudoir", galerie lange + pult, Zurich, Switzerland
"Scanner", FRAC Grand Large, Dunkerque, France
“TRANSIT“, Delphine Reist & Laurent Faulon, Le WONDER, Clichy, France
"Bill Culbert et Delphine Reist", Halle Nord, Geneva, Switzerland
"Grand Magasin", Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris, France
"Wokety Pokety", abstract, Lausanne, Switzerland
"Die Diele zeigt Delphine Reist", Die Diele, Zurich, Switzerland
"Grand Guignol" (with Laurent Faulon), Les Halles Porrentury, Switzerland
"Délphine Reist / Matthew Feyld", galerie lange + pult, Zurich, Switzerland
"Mojito Bay", Saint Nazare, France
"Mitarbeiter denken positiv", Centre Pasquart, Biel, Switzerland
"Sans Titre", Lieu Secret, Biel, Switzerland
"Delphine Reist & Laurent Faulon – Flux Tendu", La Station, Nice, France
"Delphine Reist & Laurent Faulon -Double Insu", La Couleuvre, Saint-Ouen, France
"Minutes Mécaniques", Chapelle des Grangettes, Les Grangettes, France
"Delphine Reist", Kunstkasten, Winterthur, Switzerland
"Delphine Reist & Laurent Faulon – Interieur cuir", Halle Nord, Geneva, Switzerland
"Delphine Reist & Laurent Faulon", Objectif Vidéo Nice, Nice, France
"Delphine Reist & Laurent Faulon", In Vitra, Biel, Switzerland
"Delphine Reist & Laurent Faulon", Concern, Cosne d’Allier, France
"Les Produits Fatals" (with Laurent Faulon), Le CAP, Saint-Fons, France