Alfredo Aceto




Alfredo Aceto works at the frontiers on the vectors used to define a thing and an identity. Interested in the nature of the object, he explores its attributes in order to re-conceive it in some new form that expands its narrative possibilities. Reflections on the nature of the object and the capacity of human thought to grasp its meaning continue to enliven the international discussion as demonstrated by the success of OOO (Object Oriented Ontology) and the new materialisms that have spread throughout Europe and the United States in the last ten years.

Using among others sculpture, film and sound, Alfredo Aceto creates spaces suspended between fiction and reality. His environments are places to live, in which one can find a sort of melancholy, artificial time alteration and image saturation. The objects he produces are traces, functional elements for the construction of the space where the blurred boundaries between his personal timeline and the collective one express the way chronology can be manipulate. His work arises from the will to create a place where would mix together the various strata of a linear form of time, turning into a platform from which signs of different ages emerge. Developing his



Born 1991 in Turin, Italy
Lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland


MSA The Mountain School of Art, Los Angeles, USA
ECAL École Cantonal d'art de Lausanne, Switzerland

Selected Solo Shows

"Full Moon Sergio", Circuit, Lausanne, Switzerland
Institut d’art contemporain — Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes (upcoming)
"Builders Supply", galerie lange + pult, Zurich, Switzerland
"3", HUA International, Berlin, Germany
"A Curtain, that is a Room on Uranus", HUA International, Shangai, China "Fullo", Andersen's, Copenhagen, Denmark
Solo show, artgenève, galerie lange + pult, Zurich, Switzerland
"Chew", with Thomas Liu Le Lann, Vin Vin, Vienna, Austria
"My Italian is a Little Rusty", galerie lange + pult, Auvernier, Switzerland
"Laurence & Friends", Geneva, Switzerland
"Brains & Bronze", Laurence & Friends, HIT, Geneva, Switzerland
"Lingua Enfumante", Parliament gallery, Paris, France
"Tiramisù for two", L’Ascensore, Palermo, Italy
"Ambaraba Cicci Cocco", Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
"Kevin", Kunst Raum Riehen, Rihen, Switzerland
"Alfredo Aceto", galerie lange + pult, Zurich, Switzerland
"Sequoia 07", Istituto Svizzero, Milan, Italy
"Azure", Dittrich & Schlechtriem, Berlin, Germany
"Unreachable Turtles", Lateral Art Space, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
"Endemisms", Andersen’s Contemporary, Copenaghen, Denmark
"Something between Posthistoria and Prehistoria",Associazione Barriera, Turin, Italy
"Modesty or Surprise", Museo Pietro Canonica a Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy
"Everyone stands alone at the heart of the world, pierced by a ray of sunlight, and suddenly it’s evening", Galerie Bugada & Cargnel, Paris, France