Lilian Bourgeat




The work of Lilian Bourgeat has to be seen in at least two layers, the oversized object being a forgery. Enlarging day-to-day objects has been used to many times by artists and designers after Claes Oldenburg that it has lost its interest if it was the single goal. “Art Unlimited” has become a categorisation in sculpture, sometimes only ment to be spectacular. What defines the rightfulness is the program that animates the motivations of this becoming-monster of the object, by getting out of the utilitarian domain to take a new function in the monumental field.

The immediate seduction caused by enlarged objects, perfectly reproduced in form and material, the entertaining aspect for kids from 3 to 103 years old, are only forgeries. The swiftian paradigm makes of course that the spectator looses his usual mastery. But moreover, the devices imagined by Lilian Bourgeat snub the spectator, aggressing him, pushing him away from the exhibition space, making him understand that he is not allowed inside.

At this point starts the nightmare where the human being is no more adapted to an environment created by itself. Lilian Bourgeat does not pretend to reenchant the world. It is the moral of an



Born 1970 in Saint-Claude, France
Lives and works in Dijon, France


DNSEP, Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Dijon, France

Selected Solo Shows

"Mesure et Démesure", Abbaye Arthous, Hastingues, France
"Carte blanche à Lilian Bourgeat", Musée Hebert, Isère, France
"Lilian Bourgeat", Elevensteens, Saint-Gilles, Belgium
"Lilian Bourgeat", Centre d’art contemporain de la MATMUT, Saint-Pierre-de-Varengeville, France
"Lilian Bourgeat", Le Carré et le festival Les 3 éléphants, Laval, France
"ÉTAPE #2, Parcours d'art contemporain", Frac Normandie, Caen, France
"L'art au grand air", Les Extatiques, Paris, France
"Top modèles. Une leçon princière au XVIIIe siècle", Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris, France
"Lilian Bourgeat", galerie lange + pult, Auvernier, Switzerland
"Grandeur nature", Musée de l'Abbaye, Saint-Claude, France
"Sculpture (XXL) dans la ville", Namur, Belgium
"Ville en chantier", musée d'art contemporain Saint Martin, Montélimar, France
"Place aux arts", Château de Fougères, Fougères, France
"Des Mesures", Polygone Riviera, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
"Lilian Bourgeat", Fondation pour l'art contemporain Salomon, Annecy, France
"Retour de Suède", Collégiale Saint-Pierre-le-Puellier, Orléans, France
"Lilian Bourgeat", CCCOD, Tours, France
"Magnus Facio", Open Art 2015, Örebro, Sweden
"Installation", Maladrerie Saint-Lazare, Beauvais, France
"Le Dîner de Gulliver", Le Volume, Vern-sur-Seiche, France